Go beyond simple warm-up drills and stretching with our mobility training, which combines core strength and balance to completely stretch and transform your body. We employ foam rollers, resistance bands, and Yoga Tune Up Ball along with contact yoga and assisted stretching to better your body alignment. You’ll emerge feeling elongated, balanced, and super supple.

*Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for this session.

What is mobility bodywork?

Glad you asked! Mobility is a movement-based, full-body approach that addresses all the elements that limit movement and performance. That’s the short answer. But let’s unpack that a bit.

Although often confused with flexibility, which refers to how far you can stretch without feeling any pain, mobility refers to the ability of a muscle to control an entire range of motion. Imagine lying on the ground and pulling your leg toward you by the thigh (for flexibility) as opposed to lifting and rotating your leg from a downward dog position without any assistance. The two work in tandem, but whereas stretching only lengthens short and tight muscles, mobility does that and actually builds muscle strength.

Why is mobility important?

Simple warm-up drills and post-workout stretching have their place, but mobility goes farther in reducing your risk of injury by improving your range of motion and your ability to properly perform a certain activity. The more you do mobility training, the more you will be able to optimize every workout and continue to push your body to the next level.

How does mobility work?

Unlike with static stretches, mobility work is dynamic and combines stretching with movement. For example, rather than doing a runner’s lunge pose, with mobility you would do a series of walking lunges as part of a warm-up. This type of bodywork, in addition to combining your bodyweight with foam rollers (which do go deep, but that pain leads to much gain!) and other implements, enables you to stretch your muscle longer than otherwise so you are not limiting your strength in any range of motion. But really, you have to experience it to fully appreciate how much you’ve been missing!